Bird Netting

Bird droppings are a health hazard and can deface product costing your business money and potentially harming your reputation.  Salus Safety Bird Netting stops birds from perching on internal roof or wall structures and allowing bird droppings to reach work areas, staff or product below.

Salus Safety supply and install Bird Netting for a variety of buildings, including aircraft hangers, warehouses, and medical equipment and food production facilities.  We also cover roller doors, canopy undersides, and places where the entry, perching, or nesting of birds is an issue.
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The benefits of a Salus Bird Netting system include:
~ atheistically pleasing - the white netting virtually disappears into the background
~ very easy to accommodate changes to the building structure, for example, replacing light bulbs
~ very, very easy to maintain
~ problem-solving for tricky situations - Salus provide solutions, not just a product
~ cost-effective - on a cost/sqm basis, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal
~ no more perching, droppings, nesting, dead or alive birds
~ Installation can take place during the build or retro-fitted to existing structures.
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Including bird netting in your build plan means birds never have an opportunity to turn your building into a roosting site. You will get the solution that is best suited to your situation.

Please contact us if you would like more information. 
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Bird Netting: Linfox

At the Linfox warehouse in Airport Oaks, birds were a costly nuisance, eating and befouling the customers’ pet food stock.  Working with Linfox we portioned off the affected area of the warehouse and sealed up the entry points with Salus bird netting.

Installation took place while the warehouse was operating, with minimum disruption to Linfox’s commercial activities.  The only access birds now have is through the delivery doors, which are only open for short periods of time.  Since the installation, Linfox’s indoor bird population has reduced by over 95%, with a related decrease in bird damage and droppings.
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Bird Netting: Pak N Save Papakura

Pak’n’Save Papakura’s loading docks are a busy place with multiple pallets and all types of food stuffs passing through every day.  All products need to reach the store in tip-top condition, free of bird droppings.

To this end, Salus covered the entire underside of the canopy with bird netting.  As the netting was installed during the build, there was no opportunity for birds to establish perching habits on the structure, increasing its efficiency.
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