Debris Netting

Debris Netting and Debris Sheeting

Salus Safety’s system of installing Debris Netting & Sheeting means maintenance and re-roofing can be carried out in a building while business continues as usual below.

Debris Netting and Debris Sheeting can be installed together or separately.

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Debris Sheeting is an impermeable sheet that is installed beneath the building’s ceiling, preventing insulation material, building paper, screws, and any miscellaneous materials or small tools from falling to the floor area below.  This enables the business to maintain full operation during a re-roofing project without suffering loss to cash flow.

When Debris Sheeting and Debris Netting are installed together they give added protection preventing larger tools piercing the sheeting.

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Debris Netting is a fine net that allows airflow yet strong enough for use in hazardous construction situations, preventing building tools or fragments from hitting workers or passersby.  Vertical nets are used when construction or demolition is undertaken in an area unable to be sealed off from traffic, pedestrians or workers.  Horizontal nets are used under roofs or in spaces where a fall cannot be prevented by a rigid barrier, ie tunnels or shafts, which contain structures such as fans, pumps, etc.

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Salus can tailor their Debris Netting and Sheeting system to your needs, helping to assess hazards and minimise risks to workers, public, and stock.  The netting is available for permanent installation or to rent.

Please contact us if you would like more information. 
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