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5 Feb - 15 Tongaporutu Rd - Hassall Homes install 1-886

17 Mar - Summerset Block J - install 2-391
Working on a roof may be something that you have done for years or just one day.

You may think that all of your experience will keep you safe.  I'm sorry but this is not the case.  Unfortunately experience is only useful if you have taken safety precautions and there is something that has been put in place to stop you hitting the ground.

In my opinion a genuine accident is something that all the experience in the world could not prepare you for.  Carelessness or recklessness should often be the words used in place of accident because despite all the experience no safety measures were put in place.  Don't be fooled by the wealth of your experience, it will not make for a soft landing.

Download the Factsheet 'Be safe working on roofs'.  It includes checklist for when working on a roof.


Keeping you Safe

Salus can help you prevent falls from height.  We supply and install safety netting for all types of residential building projects.

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