Sports Netting

Salus Safety provide a complete netting design and installation service for large-scale indoor and outdoor sports facilities.  We can calculate the load, design the stands, and supply and install the complete structure.

For all of these products, we offer a design and installation service.  We can work within the limitations of the building, whether it’s ensuring the structure is strong enough to take the load of the nets or protecting the floor from our equipment during the installation.
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Indoor Nets:

Indoor netting 
protects both the sporting participants and building from harm.

We offer:
~ dividing nets, to portion off a playing area or keep courts separate.
~ side and wall nets, to protect walls and prevent unexpected bounce back of pillars. 
~ ceiling nets, a light weight alternative for protecting ceiling panels

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Outdoor Nets

Outdoor Nets keep balls within the field of play, protecting nearby residents and properties.

Benefits of a Salus Outdoor Sporting net system:

~ any shape or size of field can be catered for
various mesh sizes available for different sports, i.e. 25–35mm mesh for golf or 35–45mm mesh for hockey
posts available in wood or steel
~ able to work within the geotechnical limitations of the ground, whether it is clay, sand or rock, and build a netting system accordingly
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Sports grounds are incredibly varied in their purpose, geography and surrounds and we are more than happy to work with you to find a solution for your netting needs. 

Please contact us if you would like more information. 
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